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ECOBULBS - MUSCARI Armeniacum (Pack 10 bulbs)
ECOBULBS - MUSCARI Armeniacum (Pack 10 bulbs)
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ROCKDUST (25kg) 25% EXTRA FREE - 25kg for the price of 20kg!

ROCKDUST (25kg) 25% EXTRA FREE - 25kg for the price of 20kg!
Grow healthier crops with higher nutritional value.

An organic remineralisation top dressing from quarries in Scotland as approved by the SEER Centre Trust. Rock dust adds a huge range of natural volcanic minerals and trace elements to boost long term soil fertility.

Can be applied any time of year but at the end of the growing season is easiest. Just sprinkle on and rake over.

A 25kg bag covers up to 50 sqm.

Minimum annual dose – Apply 0.5kg per square metre – one bag covers up to 50 square metres. This annual dose will also benefit your lawn.

Optimum annual dose – Apply 2kg per square metre in first year for an initial boost. Apply 1kg per square metre in subsequent years.

Application to potted plants – Sprinkle 3mm Rockdust onto soil surface. No need to mix, just water your plants as normal OR mix with potting compost prior to sowing or planting. Mix ratio by volume, of 1 part Rockdust to 4 parts compost (as used at the SEER Centre) or up to 10 parts compost (depending on the plant’s nutrient requirements i.e. light or heavy feeder).

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19-Dec-2011 The OGC

"My plum tree had never fruited, my pear tree flowered but I've never had fruit from it either and I've only ever had a few cherries. After applying some Rockdust I am surprised and delighted to report that I have had a lovely crop from all of the trees!"

Mrs. AW in Enfield.

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