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SPRING ONION White Lisbon (10 plants)
SPRING ONION White Lisbon (10 plants)
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NEMASLUG - 2 x 40 sqm, 12 Weeks Cover - Spring 2015

NEMASLUG - 2 x 40 sqm, 12 Weeks Cover - Spring 2015
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Nematodes to kill slugs. We will send two packs, 6 weeks apart, to give extended cover further into the growing season and there is no need to remember to re-order.

It kills mainly young and small slugs under the soil surface (90% of the population), rather than big slugs on the surface, for which additional controls may be needed (see the Pest Control Products sections). However, it does mean that the young slugs do not mature and breed, giving a much reduced slug population in the future.

Use before the expiry date on the pack, and keep refridgerated until use.

Note: This does not control snails, and is not recommended for use in very heavy clay soil.

We will supply from April, starting in the south, until September.

Click here to view the Introduction to Nemaslug videos.


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