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FIBRE POTS 6cm Round (Pack 24)
FIBRE POTS 6cm Round (Pack 24)
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ADVANCED SLUG KILLER (2 x 575g packs)

ADVANCED SLUG KILLER (2 x 575g packs)
Advanced Slug Killer is approved for organic use in the UK by "Organic Farmers and Growers". It is attractive to both slugs and snails, and after eating a small quantity of the blue pellets, they stop feeding on your plants and will usually burrow into the soil - so there are no messy remains to deal with.

It remains effective after exposure to rain, watering and sunlight, and there is no interval required between application and harvesting crops.

The pellets are based on ferric phosphate which is broken down by micro-organisms to iron and phosphate in the soil, both beneficial for plant growth.

Advanced Slug Killer is perfect for use in tandem with Nemaslug. It will get rid of large and medium slugs on the surface of the soil whilst the Nemaslug nematodes provide longer term protection under the surface of the soil attacking newly hatched and growing slugs.

Birds, hedgehogs and other wildlife that eat slugs and snails will not be harmed, unlike with other commonly available slug pellets.

The label says USE AS DIRECTED TO PROTECT CHILDREN AND PETS. Due to the mode of action it can be trusted for use around children, pets and wildlife, but never exceed the application rate or frequency to remove any risk of ingestion of a significant quantity. We have not seen evidence of the pellets being attractive to anything other than slugs or snails. Supplied in a container with a child proof safety cap.

Use 5g, spread to protect 1 square metre. 2 x 575g packs gives 230 square metres coverage.



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1-May-2014 Lillian Downie

I bought this Slug Repellent last year and it worked very well. I have a dog and a cat, and felt it was safe to use with them wondering round the garden, just as it said on the container!! I still have the same dog and cat, and no slugs or snails!! Thanks.

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